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β€œFor where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.”

(Matthew 6:21, ESV)

Nothing has such a positive impact on a person as giving to others. That's because giving is the highest level of living.

-John Maxwell


Giving changes lives. A tithe means 10% of our income (Leviticus 27.30) and is a baseline standard for thinking about how much to give. Giving is a way for us to put God first in our life as an act of worship. God challenges his people to trust him (Malachi 3.10-11) through giving. When we give God our best we trust that he will bless the rest.

We have a few options to help you get started. You can give online, text, or by check or cash as the offering plates are passed during the worship service.

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1. Text your Donation amount to 84321

2. Choose: Monticello Christian Church (first time only)

3. You should receive a confirmation text and email shortly.